Beautiful, enchanted horses in golden light. I'm so lucky, I love my job!


Sometimes I get to photograph new relationships being built. It makes my heart happy. . . this boy and this dog are in love. It makes my heart melt.

RUBY + TUCKER. . . . beautiful regal Dobies

Kathy called me and scheduled an appointment for sweet Tucker, but she wanted to wait for his chemo to be done. Tucker bounced right back and now he's a handsome senior . . . Ruby had to get in on the action too of course.


The Clark Doggies

Jane got a gift certificate from her daughter for Christmas last year for a Fur Session for Sidney and Zoey. Boy, did we have fun with these pretty ladies!  Sidney is the Australian Shepard and Zoey is the husky . . . both adopted. I love happy endings!


The Pelham Kitties

Lots and lots of fun with the Fur Babies at the Pelham house. Kitties can be a real challenge, but with the lighting in the laundry room (yes, really the laundry room) and the chilled out personalities of all four, I had a great time. Enjoy Brady Boy, Katherine the Great, Olly Olly Oxenfree, and Ruby Kate. 



Lilly is currently in foster care in Bainbridge, GA. This sweet girl is so funny, athletic, and just an awesome baby. I had a fantastic time photographing her and her big brother, Zeke. Kim says Zeke can keep up with young Lilly, but he crashes hard at bedtime! And check out those ears! Check out Doberman Rescue Alliance if you're interested in Lilly . . . she would love a forever home with a family who will play with her.

Zeke and Lilly wait patiently for their treats. . . . they both have the silly ears!

That's ok - you just run around like a crazy puppy. I'll wait here with Mom and get a scratch for a bit.
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